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Let me design a website for you

With over 40 years of industrial experience, I am confident that I can help you with your website development. I can design a new website for you, help you to open a hosting account and register your domain name (website address), and I can help you to keep your website current. I can help to solve operational problems that have arisen with your existing website, and I can perform a security survey of the website and make recommendations for improvements.

Jeff Duncan

Duck Hole Farm news

Mobile-ready websites!
Google recently announced that websites which were not "mobile friendly" (easily used on a cellphone or tablet) would not rank well on its search engine. I can now create such a website for you; open this DHF website on a mobile phone and see how well it behaves. Look for the Mobile-Ready tag on my Gallery page.

Would you like your customers to be able to sign up to receive newsletters and other notices from you? Would you like to sign in to your website and create the newsletters and notices right there on your website? I can now add this feature to your website... CALL ME to discuss it! Meanwhile, sign up for the Duck Hole Farm newsletter now!

Knitted lace, too!!
Please visit our companion website at Gifts from the Mermaids. We feature hand knitted lace scarves, wraps, and capelets in exotic yarn blends. We also sell knitted lace patterns at Knit Picks so that you can knit your own garments.

Add videos to your website
NOW... Add video content to your website. Justupload your videos to YouTube and I can embed them on the web page of your choice. Add as many as you like; make your pages come alive!

We have moved!
Our mailing address is now Queensbury, NY, but our telephone number remains the same. See the Contact page for full details.

News sidebar feature
A news sidebar (like the one you are reading) may now be added to your home page (or other page, if desired). The news articles are stored in a secure database on your host server, and articles may be added, edited, and deleted directly from your web browser. No special software is needed. The editing pages are password protected, so only you can change the articles displayed. The sidebar may be located anywhere on the page, it may be any reasonable size, and the articles may be formatted as you like.

Let me help you with...

I can also place a scrolling news sidebar on your home page like the "DHF News" on this page. You may log in with a password to add, edit, and delete the articles yourself!

Add a Google site search box to your website: